Practice Areas

Renda Law Offices, P.C. securely collects client data, files factually-verified motions and carefully monitors case components. Our firm works with each client on both pre-trial preparations and post-trial resolutions.


As a federal statutory law, bankruptcy litigation works to reduce or eliminate debt. Bankruptcy proceedings assist with creating a secure repayment timeline. Our firm can help to negotiate dischargeability of debt, discovery of assets and judgement collections.
  • Filing Adversary Proceedings to: Determine Dischargeability of Debt; Deny Discharge; or Dismiss the Bankruptcy Case
  • Filing of Motions for Relief from the Automatic Stay
  • Engaging in Discovery for Creditors and Conducting Debtor Examinations


  • Engaging in Judgment Collection
  • Filing of all pre-trial and post-trial Motions and Conducting Trials
  • Filing and Monitoring Proof of Claims
  • Monitoring Bankruptcy Case for Discovery of Assets; Dismissal; or Conversions
  • Filing Objections to Debtor’s Exemptions
  • Filing Objections to Reorganizational Plans
  • Filing all Motions to Compel against Debtors
  • Engaging in Workout Agreements and other Debtor/Creditor Negotiations

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