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Renda Law Offices, P.C. is a leading law firm located in San Diego, California. Our firm’s framework is built on expert strategy formation, private proprietary software and ethical legal procedures. Our client-focused services include data security, personalized case processing and successful recovery.

Renda Law Offices, P.C. operates in several areas, incorporating mass tort, bankruptcy, business and real estate law into everyday practice. As a tight-knit team, our performance improves the litigation process through transformative techniques and groundbreaking methodologies.

Meet Our Team

Renda Law Offices, P.C. is composed of experienced legal professionals fighting for civil liberties. Our team represents equitable values, embodying the highest level of service in the industry.

Vincent Renda, ESQ.


Kevin M. McLaughlin, ESQ.


Current Concentrations

Our firm specializes mass tort law, actively securing compensation for clients injured by defective medical devices and dangerous pharmaceuticals. Learn more about harmful treatments on our radar.

Blood Clot Filters

IVC filters prevent blood clots from fatal migration. The devices can fracture and cause other serious complications.



The diabetes drug Invokana has been linked to ketoacidosis, bone fractures, cardiac issues and kidney failure.



The permanent contraception implant Essure can cause chronic pain, organ perforation and other safety concerns.


Client Recommendations

Our attorneys work directly with clients to solve difficult legal problems. We build a relationship with each individual, providing quality, transparent counsel to acheive favorable resolutions.
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